• Who's Afraid of MAT5?!

  • With great enthusiasm and excitement we are breaking the news to our competitors of the introduction of "Who's Afraid Of MAT5?!".

    MAT5?! is an extra matted area running along side our main competition. It will be free to take part for anyone signed up to the main competition.

    Rules are simple: We will not match the fights, competitors will come to us in pairs and wait to be called in. All fights regardless of colour belt will fight under IBJJF BLUE belt rules.

    We will accept mixed coloured belts fights of any combination. All fights will have a duration of 5 minutes. The winner of every fight will receive a custom made Who's Afraid Of MAT5?! medal, the loser leaves empty handed. Regardless of winning or losing you are allowed to fight again, you can take part as many times as you like, just find another match and join in again. We will have a total of 100 fights, and fights on MAT5?! will start before our main competition start time and run throughout the whole day.

    MAT5?! is a great addition to our event, it is a new concept and I am positive it will work to the benefit of our customers. Having a fight before your fight could help calm you down from being too nervous before your category starts. If you lose your fight in your category, you can still have another fight, or more.

    The whole idea of introducing MAT5?! is to give our competitors a better experience and opportunity to have extra fights.

    Who's Afraid of MAT5?! is run as a completely separate event and the results of MAT5?! will not be counted towards the team trophies for Bournemouth BJJ Open or Dorset & Hants BJJ Open.