• Schedule & Brackets

    Schedule (category start times) 

    We have had to merge some of the categories to give fights to people.  Some children categories are merged with age groups similar to theirs, so 7 & 8 yrs are together, 9 & 10 yrs etc.  Also we have had to merge some belts where necessary, white & grey, grey & yellow, so that we could keep the weights as similar as possible.  There are some categories where weights have been merged. We have tried to check exact weights of children before merging.  We have done our best to accommodate everyone so you can all experience lots of fights.  Should you have any queries please email dsde@desouza.tv

    Doors open 8.30am - however you do not need to be there all day - arrive at least 50 minutes before your first fight, be in the warm up area 20 minutes before you fight.


    Any changes MUST be emailed to our dedicated email:

    (only requests to this email address can be acted upon)
    All changes to be notified by Check Day 4th June

  • Announcement

    Bournemouth BJJ Open is a Gi & No Gi event.

    This is a UKBJJA  x2 Ranked Competition.

    Saturday 9th June 2018 will be Bournemouth BJJ Gi & No Gi Open

    Registration is now closed for Bournemouth Open
    - however there is a secret link to DH18 in your email confirmation should you want to take advantage of extra early bird prices - active until 10th June

    Bournemouth Open COMPETITOR LIST is on the top of the sign up page, click here

  • Adult Registration (16yrs & over)

    Dates Gi No Gi Both
    1 Dec to 10 Dec £30 £30 £60
    11 Dec to 4 Feb £35 £35 £65
    5 Feb to 1 April £40 £40 £75
    2 April to 2 Jun £45 £45 £85
    Oopsie Daisie Day 3 Jun £55 £55 £105
  • Kids Registration (up to & including 15yrs)

    Dates Gi
    1 Dec to 10 Dec £20
    11 Dec to 4 Feb £24
    5 Feb to 1 April £28
    2 April to 2 Jun £30
    Oopsie Daisie Day 3 Jun £35